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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Best Practice 2 Day Training Pack


eSavvy - the 2012 Microsoft CRM Partner of the Year - offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM best practice training which is tailored to each individual company's needs and specification. We will run the webinar based on the topics you choose plus we also schedule the training around your availability. So get in touch with us to get more info or to arrange the CRM Training.


"They were professional in organising and configuring the training to suit our business needs and showed a great degree of flexibility in terms of timing/location/order of topics, " Emad Abdelhadi, Toga Building Company

Why Consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training:

  • Get the results you expect from your Dynamics CRM.

  • Discover the true value of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Use best practise methods in every aspect of CRM.

  • Benefit from the experience of the CRM leader.

eSavvy’s 2-Day Training Package Tailored to Your Needs Includes*:

  • 16 hours of CRM Training & Support based on your needs and requirements

  • Flexible schedule of training and support blocks based on your preferences

  • Training topics designed to bring the real value of CRM for your business

  • Up to 10 representatives from your company per session






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