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Pre-Packaged Offerings

What is a Decision Accelerator

Decision Accelerators are a series of short (1 to 2 week each in duration) prepacked consulting offerings designed to allow a client to answer the following key questions:

  • What should be my Business Strategy and how should I relate that to my IT Strategy?

  • Does this application meet my business needs?

  • How will my business work on the new system?

  • What Technical Architecture is required to service my business?

  • What would an implementation cost, how long would it take and what would it look like?

  • How do I justify the business benefits vs. cost to management

Benefits of eSavvy Decision Accelerator Process

The advantage of the eSavvy Decision Accelerator process is that it has the benefits of being both pre-packaged and proven through numerous customer engagements but also can be tailored to meet a specific clients needs. Depending on the clients decision process they can combine these offerings together into packages specific to their business. They can choose to start or stop the process at any point. They can bring in eSavvy for as little or as much assistance as they need. Low cost, repeatability and custom configuration all together in one package.

To find out more about our Pre-packed Service Offerings call us on 1300 799 723 or email info@esavvy.com.au




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