Our personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets usually have vital information that can be dangerous if left on wrong hands. Your photos can be turned into a laughing matter by simply being manipulated a little while you pin or password can resemble the one you are using on your bank account or social site. We all know what happens when anyone has access to your most valued treasure, therefore, don’t just throw away your old computers and laptops, here is how you can do it properly:

Reset factory settings

This will take the computer’s memory to its original state, but that doesn’t guarantee that all the information has been removed especially if it’s not the first time you have done that. Before you yank off that hardware, erase all data after you back up the important files, photos, contacts, or any other information on an external storage device, your new computer, or cloud storage. To reset the factory setting:

  • Click on the start button
  • Search for recovery option and click on it.
  • Go to advanced recovery methods and click.
  • Click on the factory setting button.

Of course, the process works for windows 7 and 8 but for windows 10, go to Start>Settings>Update and security>Recovery.

Follow the instructions laid out perfectly and you will have your data safely removed and stored. To ensure your data is erased, use data-shredding software, and once you delete, there is no recovering which is why you must save the data somewhere else.

Remove the hardware

Yank it and smash it is the easiest possible way to ensure important data doesn’t land on wrong hands. Even smashed, it has platinum that can be reused, but it’s useless where data storage is concerned. Alternatively, use the hardware for external use. The same case applies to the DVD player, monitor, or ram that can be fit into another computer to improve speed. Say you have a laptop with a blown screen, with an adapter; you can turn that desktop in your garage into a monitor for the laptop. You save yourself more than $30 of replacing the screen and create space in your storage unit for something else.
If you are out there and having tons of CPUs, monitor, keyboards, broken hardware or adapters, you are sitting on a few dollars. For computer gurus, that is a gold mine for innovation and creativity.

Common benefits of electronic recycling

With the everyday progress, the trend for electronic recycling is getting popular among the people and a number of people are jumping into the business. On a general note the computer recycling put a great positive effect on the environment but on the other hand, do have a number of benefits and perks that cannot be ignored normally. These benefits actually make it a vast industry that is effective for everyone.

Massive turnout
Electronic recycling business is something that brings out the best profit and ensures the sales, it ensures the best of profit on the account of recyclers. As the products recyclers get from the scrap are already in demand and at the market can get easily sold out so they do not have to be worried about the sales and clients as well. The turnout is so good that once can easily get the best growth of the business. It is not necessary that recyclers worked for some specific field clients, in fact, they can expand their clients in other relevant dimensions as well.

Multiple products
The ultimate benefit of the electronic recycling is the ultimate products that are produced by the recyclers for the companies and they can use them as raw material for their finish products. The best thing about the computers and other machines is that nothing can be expired other than the circuits. Every metal and plastic material can be reused easily after specific processing and they can have the best of the products easily. For the recyclers, there is a broader market available on the global scale as they can easily provide the best of the purified and recycled products to the purchasers and can have value money back for their investment in the products. It seems to be a profitable and effective business overall.

Secured environment
The ultimate benefit of the recycling is the secured and safe environment; organic stuff can be easily decomposed in the environment and is totally beneficial for mankind. But, the inorganic material such as the metal, plastic and glass cannot be decomposed itself but can be recycled only. Especially for the computers and other devices, it is important to find a way out that can actually make their best use after their expiry. In this regard, the recycling actually helps to secure the environment and get the best raw material available once again.

Reduce production cost
As we all know that some of the precious metals such as gold are used in computers that seem to be expensive at large and require the safe consumptions. If the computers and other devices are not recycled properly then the manufacturer needs to get the raw material from the fresh resources that will enhance to cost and increase the natural resources consumptions as well. This seems to be a strange situation that can lead to many complications as well. Recycling made the things easy and smooth as the manufacturers can use the already used material once again and make the new parts and products effectively.

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