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In the middle of December 2012 Microsoft will be releasing a Service Update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online which will bring the the long anticipated cross browser capability feature. Users will be able to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (MAC OSX) in addition to Internet Explorer.

Internal changes to application pages that enable cross browser compatibility however, have the potential to cause unsupported JavaScript customisations to break. Most CRM implementations incorporate some level of JavaScript customisations.

‘If’ there are any unsupported methods currently being used, there is a significant risk that those customisations will stop working after the organisation is upgraded. In order to allow for the best experience with this update, it is important to identify any potential issues early and determine if any changes will be required.

All supported APIs (including supported JavaScript customisations) have been tested and confirmed to work with all browsers in the next release.

Suggested fixes for many of the unsupported issues identified within your solution can be found in the blog article by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team entitled, “Resolve Breaking Script Issues When Upgrading to the Next Release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.” (

Next Steps:

  1. Review your solutions to ensure that they don’t use unsupported APIs.
  2. Make any changes required as per guidance shared here.
  3. Run the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool ( to help you identify problem areas in your solution.

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