Mobile CRM

eSavvy Mobile CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution which allows users to access their Microsoft Dynamics CRM features across multiple different mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Android mobile phones, iPads and Windows Mobile Phones and Windows Tablets. For customers with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobility environment it provides the ideal platform to easily maintain a single CRM user interface across multiple different mobile platforms. Developed as a platform eSavvy Mobile can easily be customized to customer specific needs (different look and feel, custom entities, etc.). The base platform which is licenced free of charge gives the users the opportunity to use their mobile devices to create new leads, opportunities, qualify leads into opportunities, create and check your activities, make phone calls directly from your CRM or just check what is happening with your most valuable accounts through Activity feeds.

Main Solution Features

  • Add, edit and manage Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases
  • Qualify leads into opportunities
  • Manage and Resolve Cases based on priorities
  • Check and Manage Performance Goals
  • Create, check and sort your activities like phone calls, tasks, emails

Other Benefits of eSavvy Mobile CRM:

  • Integration with Google maps
  • Easy to customize to customers’ requirements and needs
  • Easy to maintain the solution across multiple different platforms/ mobile devices
  • Easy and quick to install and get it up and running
  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as well on-premise

Solution Licencing: Free

The Base version will be “Licensed to the Customer for free”. There is a small charge for installation and any customizations to the solution will be done at standard consulting rates.

Supported devices:

  • Apple iPhone (iOS 4.3 and above)
  • Apple iPad (iOS 4.3 and above)
  • Android Phones (Android 2.3.3 and above)

Supported devices in next planned release:

  • Windows Phones
  • Windows tablets

The eSavvy Mobile CRM Solution is built on a modern technology that is platform agnostic (Titanium) so that any changes you make on one platform (iPhone for example) can be translated to other platforms (Android/ Microsoft) fairly easily minimizing deployment costs and overall solution maintenance costs. Our solution respects the modern web standards and is compatible with the HTML5, CSS3 and javascript which provides a flexibility of offline browsing in HTML 5 and easy user interface customization. We can easily customize the Mobile CRM based on your needs and requirements and it can even respect your brand rules in terms if using your logo, brand colors, fonts etc.