Set SMART goals for evaluation

When trialling Cloud CRM systems consider setting SMART goals:

  • Specify what your criteria for success are – The CRM must be able to…
  • Measure this in some way – How do I measure if it does this successfully?
  • Achieve this in a trial – How do I measure this during the trial?
  • Realistically do this in the trial – Assure that the out of the box features are used without heavy customisations
  • Achieve the goals in a Timely fashion – Make sure that the goal can be achieved in the time allotted in the trial and that enough resource is put to the evaluation process.

The bottom line is that you will not be able to evaluate 100% of your needs, and have to take the ‘rep’s’ word for it sometimes, but you should at least give it a half decent go.

The exit barrier – Most systems have an exit barrier of some sort. By this I mean the amount of effort (time and or money wise) that will be involved in moving if you need to in the future? Knowing how to get out of a system before you get in is a good idea and common sense that is not considered all the time.

These are a couple of aspects to consider, but there are of course many more. But if you think along those lines you’ll be better off than many other people buying systems out there.

Good hunting…

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