HR Case Management Dynamics CRM Solution

Our HR Case Management solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform designed to provide effective and efficient handling of people management issues within HR centres for medium and enterprise level organisations. The solution provides a platform for HR governance in respect to the advice and support provided to the workforce. Credible and accurate reporting to management enables early identification of trends and promotes proactive services.

The key features and capabilities of the solution include:

  • Capture of critical employee data, including demographic data on every interaction (including cost centre, award classification etc);
  • Reporting capability identifying emerging trends and issues across divisions to individual cost centres;
  • Key mandatory data fields with risk weighting functionality;
  • Standardised three tier classification structure for all cases;
  • Full file and information sharing among HR staff for effective, timely and transparent case management;
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting on all cases and assigned activities from start to finish;
  • Ability to attach files, negating the need to retain hard copy documentation;
  • Ability to track and monitor individual and group workloads;
  • Creation of a workforce governance knowledge base with related policy frameworks aligned to the case classification structure to ensure consistent corporate governance;
  • Comprehensive search functionality on all case records;
  • Comprehensive management reports with automated real time updates;
  • Full Microsoft Outlook/Exchange integration with email and calendar links with all case activities; and
  • Project Management tracking and reporting functionality.